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WordPress Sitecare Plan Pricing

Each Plan Below Always Includes WordPress Updates, Backups & Security Per Month

WordPress Support Plan Frequent Questions

  • We offer 24/7 support. Because Rocket Sitecare was built around a 100% remote workforce, we have staff working from here in the US and other countries to support our time hours.
  • We give our customers free access to premium plugins. Every website on our Protect Plan or Perform Plan care plans gets access to iThemes Security Pro, WP Smush Pro and WP Rocket. This is a pretty terrific value considering the overall prices of our care plans.
  • When you work with Rocket Sitecare, a significant part of your payment goes towards helping us donate time to causes we all care about. For example, a significant part of our revenue goes towards and other organizations we love to support.
  • Our online reviews, testimonials, and customer stories are phenomenal. We let our customers speak for themselves.
  • We have a white-label partnership program. Rocket Sitecare partners with design agencies, marketing firms and freelancers by offering a simple and effective white-label solution. If you have clients or customers who need ongoing website edits, performance enhancements, additional security, or any kind of regular maintenance, we’ll step in as your background technical partner.

You have three options for you to submit your WordPress login credentials! 

  1. You can Include the necessary login credentials during the checkout process.
  2. You can reply to your welcome email just after you check out with all your login credentials.
  3. Submit your credentials here at

All of our submission processes are secure and self-ensure that our team is the only one who can receive your usernames and passwords.

Unlimited edits will include any edits to text content on any page, changing of images, updating headers or footer content, adjusting plugin settings, CSS changes or colors, adding blog content or context edits (submitted by client), adding a new landing page (content supplied by client), adding a product, adding coupon codes or updating shopping carts. 

Unlimited edits do not include any custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, graphic design, PSD to WordPress, creation of content, or building out a new website or subdomain.

Example Edit 1

Included: You would like us to upload blog content that you created with any attached images that have been sent and format for WordPress with instructions to our support ticket system.

Not included: You want us to create a blog post, find images and upload to WordPress with no instruction for formatting.

Example Edit 2

Included: You want us to add some new products to your WooCommerce store (for which you've provided all the needed content including images, product descriptions, and prices).

Not included: You want us to create a custom checkout process for your WooCommerce store product. This work can be purchased, in our custom development time blocks.

Example Edit 3

Included: You want us to install and set up a plugin you want to use and set up its existing functionality.

Not included: You would like us to create new functionality to the plugin that does not exist. (This would require custom development which may be available at an hourly development rate.)

We are happy to help you with any custom development as well. That kind of project is fully covered by our hourly work or a retainer plan.

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